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One of the best ending moments in a movie.


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~   She was always holding my hand (via everythingyoulovetoohate)


New Belgium Brewery (Part 2)

Fort Collins, Colorado

I miss this day. And kind of being blondish.

Pool party 💦 (at The Clarendon Hotel)
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Rooftop lounging 😌  (at The Clarendon Hotel)
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I might be judging you by your craft beer choices. Then again, I might not. Whatever tastes good, man.


Buster Keaton in The Home Owner c 1961

~   C.J. Redwine, Defiance  (via breanna-lynn)

This is the manliest thing I’ve ever seen.

No. I don’t like to be “complimented” in front of my boyfriend. And please don’t tell me I deserve better, saying it’s something you picked up from Seinfeld. Especially acting as if you’re the one that would be better. Come on…even if you’re joking, it’s insulting.

Some guys are totally rude.

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